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August 20-21-22 Workshop Details

When and Where

Tuesday, August 20, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

Every manager does things to send their employees up the wall!
There are things every manager does that can make workers want to scream! That includes even the best of them.

They don’t realize it and have no idea how some of their methods and habits impact their team.

The Solution:
Our course, Stop Driving Your Workers Crazy.

Awareness is key
You can’t solve a problem until you know you have one.

Stop Driving Your Workers Crazy highlights 12 areas that research shows are major negatives for the people we supervise.

These negatives regularly translate to lack of worker engagement, less than adequate performance, absenteeism, disciplinary issues and more.

Then understanding and learning what to do
In group discussions we’ll help you to focus on the issues, then we’ll give you the strategies you can use to turn things around fast.

We’re building trust and enthusiasm
Once you eliminate the things that grind away at a worker’s job satisfaction, you’ll see better attitudes and better performance.

Who should attend?
Let’s get serious here. Realistically, we’re all in the same boat...we ALL make these mistakes when it comes to leading and supervising the people on our team.

This includes new supervisors all the way to senior leaders.

We all need greater awareness of the specific things we do that negatively affect our workers and once we know how to deal with them, we need to take action.

So what now?
Get a group of your supervisors and managers together and dig into this productive, challenging, illuminating, mind-expanding, and fun (yes, fun) course. Your teams will be glad you did.

Who Should Attend

Everybody — at every level — who supervises employees.


Pricing and Details

$159 per person

We provide your workbook

Also Includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.


When and Where

Wednesday, August 21, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

You have a very important job and high performance is a must

Your boss counts on you to deliver results and to be your best, so she/he can be most productive.

Admin professionals are the leading support for so many others in addition to the boss — coworkers, vendors and clients too.
Now, get fresh ideas and tools to be even better.

Admin Magic digs into areas that are critical for every admin – communication skills, ways to be more productive, partnering with your boss for optimum results, problem solving and more.

For the most experienced, this will be a powerful refresher and reinforcement. For newer admins it will be a major eye-opener.

In this fast-paced, highly interactive session, stories and tips will be also shared among the participants, adding to the course value.

An admin’s job is demanding and requires extraordinary focus, plus energy. We’ll show you how to generate both.

Admin Magic will let you re-energize, gaining a fresh perspective on priorities and goals.

Just some of what you'll learn...

•  Ways to work with the boss to maximize productivity
•  Taking ownership and becoming the “go-to” person
•  How to become a valued problem solver
•  Time-saving techniques to add productive hours
•  Tips on saving the boss’s valuable time
•  Mastering goal-setting and goal-getting
•  Use of effective communication strategies
•  How to create better written communication
•  Powerful email and voicemail techniques
•  How to control stress
•  Handling unique problems of admins
•  The admin’s guide to meetings
•  Ways to add incredible value to your boss and the organization
• Gain renewed energy and passion for your job
• Learn special health tips, including how to get a good workout at your desk

Who Should Attend

Anybody in an administrative role whose job it is to provide key support to an individual or group.

Pricing and Details

$199 per person

We provide your workbook

Admin Magic features a "working lunch", featuring healthy choices from one of Guam Training's preferred caterers.

Also includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.

When and Where

Thursday, August 22, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

How you can engage, motivate, and inspire a multigenerational team
There is nothing more confusing in today’s workplace than trying to lead a team that spans multiple generations. Four is the standard — starting with Generation Z (youngest) to the Baby Boomers (usually the oldest).

However, we do have some organizations who also employ people from the Traditionalist generation, aged 78-95.

The goal is to establish good communication with all, and to find ways to leverage the strengths of your diverse workforce.

Then, why is there so much frustration involved?

Is it the fault of one particular generation?

Is it HR's fault?

WHO is to blame?

The truth is, blame gets us nowhere. 

We all want to encourage understanding between the generations, which leads to collaboration, innovation, higher productivity, and employee retention.

We believe that our course, Generations,  will help you do all of that.

This course offers:

• A deeper understanding of generational differences
• How these differences are shaped by historical, social, and technological influences experienced by each group
• Key motivating factors for each group
• Ways to recognize potential sources of tension that can result from misunderstandings and personal biases
• How to adjust your communication style and management techniques to effectively engage each generation
• Developing an action plan to implement multigenerational best practices in your team, not just from your standpoint as the team leader, but also the role each member of the team can play.

Let us be clear about this experience.

Spending a day with us to learn more about the issues associated with the various generations is valuable, but the real work is creating your plan, sharing information, and making things happen.

Dealing with four or five unique age groups will always be a challenge. That being said, Generations can help end (okay, maybe reduce) the days of throwing up your hands in frustration over clashing employees.

We can do better. Let’s get busy.

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a supervisory position.

Pricing and Details

$159 per person

We provide your workbook

Generations features a "working lunch", featuring healthy choices from one of Guam Training's preferred caterers.

Also includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.

August 27-28-29 Workshop Details

When and Where

Tuesday, August 27, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

Not sure sometimes what to say when people are upset, or just plain being difficult? Now you’ll know.
In Your Face! was originally created to serve as a followup to our course, Dealing With Difficult People.

Then we realized it was also a great fit for students of Winning Customer Service as well.

We focus on how conversations start and the trouble that can follow if we respond in the wrong way.

In our exercises people are angry, frustrated, demanding, sarcastic, and trying to get a little more personal than people want. Whatever is said, the worker has to figure out how to give an appropriate reply.

We find that over 90% of respondents either can’t figure out what to say, are indecisive, or their reply leads to a problem.

All of us are sometimes pulled into conversations and face people who are tough to deal with. They’ll say things we don’t like, are unfair, or make us feel uncomfortable.

In Your Face! provides the path to solving this difficult issue.

Whether we’re dealing with customers, vendors, coworkers, supervisors, family, friends, acquaintances, or a person we encounter in a store — we need to be able to judge a situation, and then respond effectively.

In Your Face! is designed to be challenging.

What is learned…

• The fundamental rule you can never forget
• To easily field negative remarks from people, without you going negative on them
• Knowing when to respond and when to ignore comments
• How to respond in a businesslike manner, maintaining focus and staying on point — even when you want to give them a taste of their own medicine
• How to cool off an angry person
• Using active listening to let the other person vent, so you can more easily solve their problem
• To gain confidence in your ability to handle challenging situations

In Your Face features role playing, is highly interactive, and can be totally unpredictable. Just like real life.

Who Should Attend

Team members who:

• Face the public
• Anyone who is challenged to be able to respond quickly and effectively in stressful situations.

For attendees of Dealing With Difficult People in June, this is a natural followup experience.

Pricing and Details

$159.00 per person

We provide your workbook

It also Includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.

When and Where

Wednesday, August 28, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

Easy to use techniques to make more and better contacts
In general, people who consider Streetsmart Networking fall into three categories.

One, they don't like networking but know they have to do it.

Two, they think they know all they need to know about the subject, so they just "wing it." Whatever happens, happens.

Third are people who are looking to improve their networking skills, seeking an extra edge. They know that even a small improvement can bring results.

If you follow what's in this course, and apply it, you'll be adding a life skill that will make a huge difference in all aspects of your life and career. You’ll feel comfortable in meeting people at any event, or any place that people come together. A ball game, Chamber of Commerce mixer, civic clubs, the PTA meeting, at the grocery store, or the gas station — wherever people can connect.

Once you know that you can walk into a roomful of strangers — or approach somebody at a store — and have full confidence that you can hold your own and achieve your goals, you'll never again look at meeting people as something to fear and dread.

Too many people think that networking is just attending an occasional mixer or business reception, exchanging cards with as many people as possible, eating free food and going home. Sorry, but that doesn’t get results.

Others attend in groups and many wind up spending most or all of their time with each other. How is that going to move the productivity needle?

Most people who say they hate networking events are simply not very successful at it. They don’t understand that there are strategies and tactics that lead to making new contacts.

Anyone can be good at meeting people and developing relationships if they just take the time to learn what the best networkers already know.

Part of what you'll learn in this course:

• The winning networking mindset
• How to set networking goals
• How to plan for the networking event
• What to do before you enter the event room (the 10-3-1 test)
• How to look at the meeting room the way the pros do (Logistics)
• Nervous? Learn how to channel that to your advantage
•The handshake that says good things about you
• Easy conversation starters
• What to say if you're asked a question about a topic you know nothing about.
• The whole issue of business cards in the smartphone age.
• How to remember names
• What to do if you forget someone's name
• 6 ways to skillfully exit a conversation without hurting anyone's feelings
• How and when to enter a group that is already in conversation
• How to introduce yourself — the pros and cons of the “elevator speech.”
• The best way to introduce others (advanced)
• Eight networking turnoffs you should always avoid
• The keys to effective followup

Streetsmart Networking is fun, highly interactive, and you'll come away with a plan to make networking success a definite part of your future.

Who Should Attend

Maybe the easier question to ask is:

"Who doesn't need to improve their ability to connect with other people?"

You won't be disappointed.

Pricing and Details

$159.00 per person

We provide the workbook,

Also Includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.

When and Where

Thursday, August 29, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

Maximize employee engagement and productivity through impactful one-to-one meetings.
As a manager, your one-to-one meetings with employees are crucial touchpoints that can make or break team morale, performance, and retention.

When done effectively, these meetings are powerful tools to align goals, provide feedback, uncover pain points, and build strong working relationships.

However, all too often, one-to-one meetings become unfocused, unproductive, or even dreaded by both managers and employees.

In this training, you will learn research-backed strategies to transform your one-to-one meetings into high-impact sessions that drive measurable improvements in employee engagement, productivity, and growth.

You will learn how to:

• Structure one-to-one meetings for maximum effectiveness, with a balance of dedicated time for updates, feedback, and open discussion.
• Ask insightful questions to uncover employee motivations, concerns, and development needs. We also provide sample questions.
• Condition workers to open up and take an increasingly larger role in the meetings.
• Provide constructive, actionable feedback that helps employees feel valued and inspired to improve.
• Handle sensitive conversations, such as performance issues, career planning, and personal issues with empathy and professionalism.
• Foster an environment of trust, open communication, and mutual accountability.
• Troubleshoot meetings that don't deliver the hoped-for results.
• Set the process in motion, from initial concept to follow up — we give you a step-by-step roadmap to successful one-to-ones.

You will leave this training equipped with a proven framework and practical skills to elevate your one-to-one meetings and unlock the full potential of your team.

Done correctly, the one-to-one meeting is the most powerful tool a manager has to build relationships and achieve sustained results through your people.

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a supervisory position.

Pricing and Details

$159.00 per person

We provide your workbook

Also Includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.


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