Situational Supervision

Situational Supervision

[One 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions]

You and I know that supervising people is not easy at all. We face everyday challenges that can make the job difficult. Things happen. What’s the best course of action?

Here are three easy steps to being a highly effective manager:

1. Knowing what to do
2. Knowing when to do it
3. Doing it

See, it’s just as simple as that. No problem, right?

I can hear you laughing, “Sure thing!”

Some of these challenges come up over and over, and if we don’t learn how to overcome them will constantly get the better of us.

This is when managers begin to lose confidence in their own abilities, and in turn can lead to them stressing team members, making bad circumstances worse.

Situational Supervision looks at and digs into numerous common occurrences that face managers, breaking them down and offering solutions.

Just some of what you'll learn...

In addition, each organization has specific issues that hold it back.

We apply the same formula to dissect the problems and seek workable methods to break through.

We tie in dozens of key learning points; hard-hitting questions that uncover critical information and personal attitudes; as well as over 30 to-do items to aid implementation and propel your supervisors to success!

Situational Supervision is a workshop with the emphasis on “work.”

It is down-to-earth problem solving and solution seeking. 

Be prepared.

  • How to give clear directions that get acted upon.
  • How to recover from situations when workers aren’t initially successful in implementing your plan.
  • Getting clear agreements between you and your team, and between members of the team.
  • Strategies to confirm understanding to avoid a waste of time,energy, and resources.
  • A guaranteed way to make sure that your message is really received in meetings.
  • Using straight talk to achieve better results
  • How to get your team to grow and solve their own problems.
  • How to get important and accurate feedback.
  • The ONLY way to reprimand workers and have them leave the meeting feeling empowered and ready to produce better results.

Everybody who is managing a business should attend his training!

Ayaka Yamaguchi
City Hill Guam

Great coach and speaker — keeps things real.

Charlie Anderson 
Dewitt Moving & Storage