Professionalism 201: Making it Happen

Professionalism 201: Making it Happen

[One 3-hour session]

101 was the thinking part, and 201 is the doing part. It's time to get busy.

Pre-requisite: Professionalism 101: Beliefs & Values

In the description for Professionalism 101, we said: “What you put up with, you end up with.”

Now, with 201, here’s another reality: If you don’t do anything with what you learn, nothing good happens.

The first course is the thinking part. 201 is the doing part.

​This is where we develop the plan to implement the decisions reached, and capitalize on the commitments made.

We take the priorities and turn them into manageable steps, eliminating the “overwhelm” factor and showing each participant that success is achievable.

We harness the energy from the first session and expand on that as team members realize that the first training wasn’t just an exercise, but that the organization is serious about improving, and wants them to be a part of it.

Without action the work done in Professionalism 101 will be forgotten and the opportunity to make profitable changes will be lost.

201 puts the team on track to take everyone to the next level.

Would recommend his services anytime for personal and professional enrichment.

Lori San Nicolas
Dewitt Moving & Storage

Jerry talks about abstract issues in a clear and concise manner...he demonstrates practical methods to improve.

Travis Simpao
Port of Mocha