Worker Engagement

What’s the big deal about worker engagement?

Workers who are excited about their job deliver far better results. The trouble is that the overwhelming majority of people in the workplace are not excited, and it shows. And if we can see it, you know that our customers see it, too. 

Fact: you can’t build and maintain a winning organization when employees are unfocused, lack trust, and aren't motivated to do their best. Let us put your workers on the path to greater engagement.

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Private and public sector organizations use this event to create positive changes, generate new directions, identify opportunities, build more productive teams, and keep things buzzing for a long time.

Professionalism 101: Beliefs & Values

Everybody talks about being "more professional" but almost nobody can identify exactly what that means. This interactive course leaves no doubt, leading you to designing a plan that makes sense for the whole team. Can be delivered to frontline only, management only, or a combination of both.

Professionalism 201: Making it Happen

This training picks up where the "101" course ends, and is the "doing" part. You'll create the actual plan to implement the professionalism model you designed. As they say, this is where the rubber meets the road. Can be delivered to frontline only, management only, or a combination of both. Requirement: Professionalism 101.

Admin Magic

Powerful "next level" training for any administrative team member. If you want greater participation and productivity from admin staff, this course offers strategies, tactics and tools to ramp up performance.

Time Hero

This breakthrough training solves tough problems shared by everybody when it comes to controlling and optimizing time. Take back productive hours by learning how to be a Time Hero.

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RPM: Recognition, Praise & Motivation

Employee engagement continues to be ridiculously low. Supervisors have trouble connecting with workers  and motivating them. Here are the critical skills and strategies to help you turn that around.

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Trust Factors

Surveys continue to reinforce that a clear majority of workers do not trust their supervisors, providing a huge disconnect in organizations. Lack of trust leads to massive problems — and lower profits.

The New Boss

Friday, they left work as a coworker and everybody's friend. Monday, they came back to work as the boss.
Too often, this is a nightmare for everybody. Failure rates are extreme. We can help you make it work.

Coaching Higher Performance

Workers are just like athletes...they need coaching to help them grow their skills and raise their performance to higher and higher levels. The problem is that very few managers know how to coach. They will now.

Situational Supervision

This workshop focuses on the real world issues your managers face. By understanding and drilling on the actual situations, developing the correct responses, confidence and competence levels increase.

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