Level 2 Sales

Level 2 Sales

[One 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions]

The sale isn't the end...if you're doing it right it's just the beginning.

Once the sale is made and the customer has experienced your products, services, and how your organization treats them in support of their purchase, there are just a few questions left to be answered?

1. Will they buy from you again?

2. Are they so excited enough about their experience that they’ll refer others?

3. Can you influence that?

The answer to question # 3 is absolutely YES.

However, the vast majority of salespeople have no idea how to create a repeat buying relationship with the customer and, second, for them to open up their personal network to you.

Just some of what you'll learn...

Referrals are golden in the sales business because you’re capitalizing on the relationship between your customer and the person he/she is referring you to, and the influence they have with them.

Level 2 Sales is designed to create that relationship.

In turn, the relationship, built correctly, will separate you from the pack and position you and your organization as the preferred provider.

It’s not magic and it doesn’t happen overnight, but those who use the strategies and tactics in Level 2 Sales almost have an unfair advantage over their competition.

  • Why your client is cheering for you.
  • Do the math, it’s about client retention.
  • How to build walls your competition can’t get over.
  • The key element that beats competitors who are more talented
  • How to build great rapport with your customer.
  • The levels of the customer relationship.
  • How to establish real influence.
  • How to strengthen your influence throughout the organization.
  • The care and feeding of the gatekeeper.
  • Why going under the microscope can be a huge benefit.

Jerry is here to show you how to embrace sales and take proven steps to close faster.

No business succeeds without an emphasis on closing deals in the most efficient way.

Nick Mann
Independent Salesperson