Time Hero

Time Hero

[One 4-hour session]

It's the ultimate resource and now, finally, you'll be in total control.

Here's an absolute FACT you can't escape:

Until you control time, you allow it to control you.

The vast majority of people struggle with time every day, racing against the clock and trying to cram as much as possible into their day — and almost all feel like they're losing the battle, even with all the elaborate day planners, smart phones, online calendars and other tools they have available.

"Time Management" is an incredibly simple topic but a slew of authors and so-called gurus have turned it into a complicated jumble.

We searched Amazon.Com's book listings under the term "time management" and it returned thousands of titles. That's just a staggering amount of information and we don't need it.

To optimize our time we need to cut through all that and get back to basics.

Just some of what you'll learn...

That's exactly what we've done in simplifying Time Hero.

We've taken the absolute most powerful ideas and concepts in time control and blended in exercises to show how to effectively use them to finally gain the upper hand.

Our promise: Time Hero is short and straight to the point.

Participants will quickly understand and then will work to develop their personal plan to harness its time-freeing features.

Recapturing just 30 minutes per day would return over three weeks of productive time to you, each and every year from this point forward.

The benefits from that are beyond calculation, but are certainly worth dozens, maybe even hundreds of times the investment in this training.

  • The fundamental formula for winning the time battle
  • Proactive vs. Reactive and how being reactive destroys productivity
  • The perfect time to do your most important work
  • A foolproof strategy for setting boundaries and access
  • 6 power-packed tactics to control your email inbox
  • The only individual communications strategy that makes sense for the world we live in today
  • The info-disease we all have and must get rid of right now
  • How to revamp your to-do list to get more done
  • How to track and control the factors that rob you of your precious time
  • Dealing effectively with time-sucking distractions
  • A powerful way to approach meetings that will free up gobs of productive time
  • Stopping procrastination cold
  • One unbelievably simple activity that could easily add 60-120 hours back into your time bank every year.
  • The production mistake so many people make that costs them hundreds of hours each year.
  • Why prioritizing your schedule is a huge mistake that will likely doom your efforts right from the start.

Useful tools to help those at the top and bottom of the business org. chart.

Dave Silva
Aon Insurance

Would recommend/refer for professional and personal development.

Lori San Nicolas
Dewitt Moving & Storage
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