[One 4-hour session]

We'll create a typhoon of ideas from your team. ​

When we first launched IdeaStorm it was called Fish!

It came with a video that featured four basic concepts: Play, Make Their Day, Be There, and Choose Your Attitude.  

People liked the video. It ran about 20 minutes and it was fun to discuss those four concepts and how they apply to the workplace. That was roughly the first hour of the session and it set up what was to come.

Then, we papered the walls and gave everybody a marker; choosing up teams and assigning each a topic we had worked out with management, something they felt was important to their progress.

What followed was amazing. Ideas began to fly in all directions.

Just some of what you'll learn...

People who had never contributed before were writing feverishly, eager to get their thoughts on paper.

Managers usually have no idea what frontline workers are really thinking or what they want. It’s the same with executive managers, who also don’t understand what’s going on with the supervisors and managers who report to them.

In most cases everybody thinks it’s all about more money and never mind going beyond that, and it most cases they’re wrong. There’s much more than money at the heart of organizational discontent and lack of engagement.

IdeaStorm is a fun and exciting step toward putting things in order and getting everybody working for the same goals. Bring it to your team and watch the results.

  • Focus on having fun at work.
  • Focus on the needs of others.
  • Focus on developing laserlike attention.
  • Focus on attitude and how to control it.
  • Deciding what makes for a great workplace.
  • How to be a world class listener.
  • How to keep from turning negative.
  • The keys to commitment.
  • Then we IdeaStorm specific topics and issues that you have selected.

Extremely motivational. Should make one excited about going back to work the following day and see how we can make improvements in our day to day work and habits.

Dennis Nakamoto 
Cars Plus