The Sales Meeting

The Sales Meeting

[An ongoing series, sessions will last from 60-90 minutes]

We wanted to call this The Sales Workout, because that’s what it’s really all about. Selling is a tough sport and these sessions are tougher. They have to be.

​It won't be easy. We're going to be in your face when we need to be.

We work through problems, blockages, and all the issues that get in the way of a salesperson successfully closing agreements and servicing clients.

This isn’t just theory, it’s work, and we confront the situations that hold people back.

That’s the only way to improve.

The idea is to build skills and confidence that you can perform at a high level.

And trust us, you'll have to perform in this setting, but that's a good thing.


Because if you can do it can do it when it really counts — out there.

Got it?

So what's standing in your way of the success you want?

Let's go.

IMPORTANT: Brand new salespeople without any basic selling skills training cannot be accepted into this program. 

If your ogroup needs a course in sales fundamentals,
Please see StreetSmart Selling here.

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