The New Boss

The New Boss

[One 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions]

Making the transition from frontline worker to supervisor — or “boss” — can be exciting and fulfilling. So why is the failure rate so high?

The promotion to the first stage of management is a big move and the feeling is, “my career is on the move!”

Coworkers and friends congratulate you and it’s definitely a motivating experience.

Too often, however, the honeymoon period is short, and the new supervisor realizes that leading a group of former "equals" may not be as easy as initially believed.

Questions that come up quickly...

Will my past friendships with people help or hurt the new relationship?

Can we still be friends?

Will people see me as a leader and accept my instructions and critiques?

Is anyone jealous over my promotion and may try to undermine my position?

Just some of what you'll learn...

These are just a few of the issues at play when a worker accepts a promotion to management, walking out on Friday as everyone’s buddy, and walking in Monday as their boss.

It’s not uncommon for a promising management career to be negatively impacted — even stalled — because of an unhappy experience right up front.

Some new managers even become unnecessarily fearful of their position and making decisions.

The New Boss is a fresh look at ways to make this period less stressful, offering tips and techniques to help any new supervisor be more successful.

When experienced managers know what’s in this course, they’ll be wondering why they didn’t have access to this information when they got started.

  • Common concerns about the transition from the frontline to supervisor.
  • Understanding the feelings of former peers and how they see you now.
  • How to frame the new position and re-establish team goals.
  • Helping others to tap into the power of goal setting.
  • How to handle resistance to your leadership.
  • Developing a supervisory “style.”
  • How to run faster, more efficient meetings.
  • Understanding conflict.
  • How to give effective feedback.
  • What never to do when correcting a team member is necessary.
  • Tips on surviving the challenge of the first year.

It’s a must for people moving into a supervisory or management role.

Percival Acejo
Aon Insurance

A great instructor, very direct and to the point. The training is not only for new managers. I believe senior managers should also go back to this training…back to basics.

Maristella Tangonan
Hotel Nikko