Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing With Difficult People

[One 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions]

They’re everywhere. The difficult people. And they “happen” often without warning. The next one might be a customer. Or a vendor. Or someone on your staff. Or could it be you?

The stresses of life and work can lead anyone to have an abrupt change in personality and to become a “difficult person.”

It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when.

Knowing how to effectively deal with them while maintaining our composure is a valuable skill that will pay off over and over again, and we give you the tools to do this in Dealing With Difficult People.

The key is being able to meet the challenge and turn the situation around in your favor, and our course, Dealing With Difficult People (DWDP), is set up to do just that.

DWDP gives you and your team members effective tools to work through an encounter to solution, without losing your cool or self-respect.

Just some of what you'll learn...

What we teach also helps maintain the relationship, whereas just “winging it” can easily lead to saying or doing the wrong thing and having the situation ramp up out of control, with your organization unnecessarily losing a customer, vendor, or team member.

Dealing With Difficult People is powerful training that let your workers understand the nature of the situation and how to calm it down, then find a solution.

Tired of difficult people creating misery for you and your team?

Dealing With Difficult People brings relief.

  • The 11 roots of conflict and how to spot them.
  • Two questions to answer before jumping into any situation.
  • Why people don’t do what you think they’re supposed to do.
  • Causes of difficult behavior.
  • How to prevent problems before they happen.
  • Reducing/eliminating stress.
  • For the problems you can’t prevent, how to deal with them.
  • Developing an agreement framework.
  • A proven 5-step process to resolving conflict.
  • 10 types of people you’ll encounter and how to deal with them.
  • Managing anger — ways to diffuse the “heat” that leads to confrontation — both theirs and yours.

Yes! Great training. Very interactive and informative.

Nadine Valino
Atkins Kroll

Jerry Roberts made the training applicable to all aspects of life.

Rowena Urbano
Hotel Nikko Guam