Professionalism 101: Beliefs & Values

Professionalism 101: Beliefs & Values

[One 3-hour session]

What you put up end up with. Could anything be more clear?

If you don’t like the way your organization does certain things but you let them go, then how can you hope for improvement?

I’ve listened to so many managers and business owners complain that their workers goof off, don’t care, and just aren’t productive. "They’re not PROFESSIONAL" is how they put it. 

Professionalism isn’t about hammering a bunch of “do this — don’t do that” stuff into workers and hoping for the best. They’ll reject it, particularly the younger team members.

It has no chance of reaching them.

Professionalism 101 isn’t a one way conversation. It starts with the premise that everybody on the team is equally responsible for deciding what is professional behavior and which factors to prioritize.

​And if you have any doubts about that whatsoever, the first five minutes of this course will change your mind.

Just some of what you'll learn...

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this and flexibility is a critical factor.

The course guides participants to consider 35 critical behavioral and performance factors, leading them into honest and open discussion on designing their own professional standards.

Once people have a voice in the development of how their workplace will function and all commit to what they’ve created, it’s very hard for them to back off from it.

This session is all about fundamentals and it gets everyone's attention immediately. It’s basic and straight-from-the-gut. 

Then we set out to create a new benchmark to operate from.

It’s fun, stimulating, and enlightening.

Need a jolt of professionalism? 101 will provide just that.

  • Take the professionalism test to see where your head is really at.
  • 9 critical Facts that nobody considers about professionalism.
  • Why worker engagement is so low.
  • How the personal view towards professionalism changes everything.
  • Prioritizing the professionalism factors that best apply to your organization.
  • Making important decisions that impact the organization and productivity.

This training will teach and guide an individual to be responsible not only in the workplace but also in other areas of life.

Edwin Panganiban
Triple J

It's good and helps make a stronger work community.

Svetlana Balmeo 
Port of Mocha