[One 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions]

You can’t connect today on the topic of customer service if you’re using the same old stuff people have seen or heard for years and years.

Most customer service training goes in one ear and out the other, not stopping long enough to register with the student.

You’ve likely had training like that and you know that what I’m saying is true.

This is particularly true for younger workers. The old ways generate immediate tuneout. They don’t want any part of it and they almost certainly won’t use it.

This drives managers up the wall because as service quality stays in the mediocre range, customers are attracted to different options and profits are endangered.

So what can you do?

You have to reach team members with “new language” that shows them how service works and how it relates to them.

Just some of what you'll learn...

Then and only then will you see change.

CSI is Customer Service Initiative and CSI:Guam is a completely different way of presenting service related issues to today’s workers.

We get their attention and initial buy-in, and THEN, once focused, we can deliver the information and tools to improve service — person by person, department by department, issue by issue.

It’s not magic. It takes effort but the result is worth it.

If you want to turn victims into victories, schedule CSI:Guam for your organization.

  • 16 things customers want from us (and you’re almost certainly not doing all of them).
  • Where you fit into the service equation and why.
  • Delivering great service is really about just one thing.
  • Dissecting top notch service, step by step.
  • How the customer really sees us (not what you think).
  • Positive and negative language — what are you saying and writing?
  • Internal customers — why they deserve even better treatment than the ones who give us money.
  • Things to avoid when engaging with the customer.
  • Why anything less than excellent service is so dangerous now.
  • How to manage customer expectations.
  • The absolute must-do actions for every organization — or your customer service will fail.

This training is very beneficial. I've never had an instructor be so passionate and lively about a topic. It's life changing and will prepare you to be a successful individual.

Tresha Pantorilla
JP SuperStore

Yes. Highly recommend.

Cori Berking 
Dewitt Moving & Storage