Making Meetings Work

Making Meetings Work

[One 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions]

How much do meetings cost in your organization...really?

Likely more than you'd ever guess. A lot more.

How much honest value results from those meetings?

Probably much less than you hope.

If you had to write a check for how much your meetings really cost — considering how little they might deliver in terms of results — do you think you’d be happy writing that check ... every week of every month, all year long? Year after year after year?

Do we have your attention yet?

Poorly designed and poorly managed meetings not only suck time and money out of the workplace — in the private as well as public sector — but they can also suck motivation at the same time.

Workers generally hate attending meeting after meeting if little or nothing is being accomplished.

Just some of what you'll learn...

The majority of meetings take too long, are boring, and all too often yield little or nothing in the way of positive results.

This is reality in the majority of organizations, but it doesn’t have to be your reality. We can help you change that with Making Meetings Work, where your team will get a firm grip on how to plan and design a results-oriented gathering of any kind.

This course is designed for managers at all levels and other key staffers who play key roles in planning, producing, and leading your meetings.

What if your meetings could be faster, better, enjoyable, more productive and less expensive?

Make stagnant and overly expensive meetings a thing of the past.

Let Making Meetings Work show you how.

  • Knowing when NOT to call a meeting.
  • How to prepare for a successful meeting.
  • The critical planning steps that make meeting time more effective.
  • The role of the meeting leader.
  • The role of meeting participants.
  • How to control meetings without seeming overbearing.
  • Techniques for handling behavior that is disruptive and unproductive.
  • The issue of process versus content.
  • How to ensure that your meeting attendees “got it”.
  • The most powerful way to ensure that people improve their meeting skills.
  • Getting “buy-in” from participants.
  • “Informal brainstorming” — why, when, and how to do it.
  • Strategies that absolutely guarantee that your meetings will be shorter and accomplish more.

Straight to the point of the subject. "Real" exercises that can be tried in the workplace. This allowed me to step outside of the box and try a different approach to our staff meetings.

Tricia Granillo
AM Insurance

Jerry has always been a great speaker and made a lot of good points — very informative.

Jean Santos 
Pacific Title Company