Customer Experience

Improving your customer’s experience is critical.

We don’t have to tell you that customer service needs improvement just about everywhere you go in Guam. As more local purchasing options become available, plus the ability to buy online, businesses need to find ways to 

connect positively with customers and give them reasons to stay with your brand. Our unique approach to service and developing long term profitable relationships will make a difference.


Do too many of your customers feel like a "victim" after doing business with you?  CSI:Guam is a unique look at service — fun and motivating for your team, and your customers will love the difference!

Telephones Done Right

Is your organization's "phone image" overdue for a makeover?  Telephones Done Right gets to the core of what it takes to deliver professional service over the phone — and make you sound terrific.

Dealing With Difficult People

Difficult people are lurking everywhere and you never know when a bright and cheerful day will be ruined by an encounter with a customer — or coworker. DWDP gives you the tools to confidently handle the situation.

Long-Term Customer Value

 With the difficulty and high cost of making a new customer, you'd think everybody would work hard to keep them.  Surprisingly, most organizations don't. This course will help you cash in on retention.