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June 11-13 Workshop Details

When and Where

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

Strategies and tools to gain control of situations and reduce stress.
In today's dynamic and often confusing workplace, interactions with difficult individuals are inevitable.

Whether it's an unhappy customer, a challenging vendor, or a coworker with differing perspectives, knowing how to navigate these encounters is crucial for maintaining productivity, keeping positive relationships, and achieving professional success.

Dealing With Difficult People equips participants with practical methods and techniques to effectively handle challenging situations and diffuse conflict with confidence.
Attendees will learn how to recognize the signs of difficult behavior, and the underlying causes for it.

We’ll discuss emotional intelligence, how to manage personal reactions and maintain composure when faced with challenging individuals.

Active Listening will be explored, and why it is absolutely critical for calming people down and getting into normalized conversations with them.

Most people are much better at talking than they are at listening. It’s essential that we change this. Our system is simple to understand and use.

While this is not billed as a course on conflict resolution, communications, or building rapport and trust with others, Dealing With Difficult People has elements of all that.

Other things that will be learned:

• 11 roots of interpersonal conflict
• The approach we have to take or things will unravel fast.  
• L.A.C.E.S. — the proper mindset
• Ways to dig for the facts you need.
• 10 people you might run into and how to handle the situation if you do.
• How to manage anger and stress
In Dealing With Difficult People, participants will gain the skills and confidence to handle challenging interactions, transform conflict into opportunities for growth, and cultivate a positive and harmonious work environment.

Who Should Attend

!. Front line workers who face off with customers.

2. Managers, supervisors, and team leaders who must solve challenging issues from customers, workers, and others.

Dealing With Difficult People gets right to the heart of why people can be a load to deal with, and how to navigate through their issues.
Sometimes fun, sometimes loud, always on point. Come ready to get involved.


Pricing and Details

$159 per person

We provide your workbook

Also Includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.


When and Where

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

Revving up productive workplace relationships.

Relationship is everything in the world of work today.

Did you ever wonder why one company pays their talent the same as another, yet gets so much more production from them?

And more of their best people make long-term commitments to stay?

Plus, job openings don’t have to be advertised as often because workers effectively recruit top-notch candidates.

When motivation is solely based on compensation, you’re playing a losing game. Eventually, you’ll get tired of paying to keep good talent or somebody else will outbid you.

It’s the wrong path to take.

So, how do you have this winning situation, with workers happy and thriving?

Maybe it was just sheer luck in hiring all the right people in the first place?

Almost certainly not. Hiring is a part of it, but there’s so much more.

RPM — Recognition, Praise & Motivation — gives each supervisor and manager tools to build better, stronger, longer-lasting, more mutually profitable working relationships.

It’s not magic that delivers results like that, and it’s also not a mystery.

Worker motivation and higher engagement is within your reach!

Just some of what you'll learn…

• The elements of praise.
• The right and wrong ways to deliver praise.
• How to understand worker needs.
• How worker feedback can be a team-building factor, or one that serves to demoralize people.
• How to make your company a magnet for attracting the best talent.
• The principles and benefits of recognition.
• Strategies to keep recognition and praise “top of mind”.
• How to reach the new generations of workers.
• Developing a retention strategy.
• The 3 most important words in motivating people.
• 8 sure ways to motivate anybody.
• Ways to build a motivation program that really works.

Who Should Attend


RPM is specifically targeted to help managers, supervisors, and team leaders.

This course hasn't been delivered in a public workshop for eight years. It is now part of a suite of management training courses that has been reserved for organizational use only.

We don't know when it will be offered in public again, but it certainly won't be this year.
If your company is small with one or a few managers, this is the perfect course for our times, when hiring workers is a major challenge and when engagement and productivity are on the decline.

RPM was the first course we created, and it has been updated numerous times. It is meant to give tools for anyone in a supervisory capacity to improve relationships and help generate better production.

Pricing and Details

$179 per person

We provide your workbook

Also includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.

When and Where

Thursday, June 13, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

Squeeze more productive
time out of each day.
It's the ultimate resource and now, finally, you'll be in total control.

Until you control time, you allow it to control you.

Think about that.

With all the elaborate day planners, smart phones, online calendars and other tools, why do workers and organizations still have such a huge problem in maximizing their time?

In many cases it's because authors of countless books on the subject, and trainers, have taken an incredibly simple topic and turned it into a complicated jumble.

Yes, to make this work we need LESS information, not more.

So we've taken the absolute most powerful ideas and concepts in time control and blended in exercises to show how to effectively use them to finally gain the upper hand.

Our promise: Time Hero is easy and straight to the point.

Participants will quickly understand and then will work to develop their personal plan to harness its time-freeing features.

Recapturing just 30 minutes per day would return over three solid weeks of productive time to you, each and every year from this point forward.

What if you could take back an hour each day?

The benefits from that are beyond calculation, but are certainly worth dozens, maybe even hundreds of times the investment in this training.

Just some of what you'll learn...

•  The most critical factors in how to control time

•  Powerful and sure methods to determine how and where to allocate your time

•  Tools that make the job much easier

•  A "no-holds-barred" self-assessment on current time habits (this can lead to stunning realizations)

•  How to effectively deal with time-sucking distractions

 Strategies and tactics to become a Time Hero for the rest of your life

Who Should Attend

Maybe the better question is...Who doesn't need to do a better job optimizing their time to be more productive???

Time Hero takes a tough look at our time, and asks the questions that need to be asked.

Attendees are confronted by strategies and tools to take back precious minutes and hours, and also confronted by their own habits, tendencies, and desires.

Pricing and Details

$159 per person

We provide your workbook

Also includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.

June 18-20 Workshop Details

When and Where

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

Simple tools that lead to greater understanding, and better decisions.
Senior leaders know…too few of their managers have the tools to face a situation, analyze it, decide a course of action, and then implement the plan to end the problem.

Many don’t have the confidence to even try.  Organizations have trouble growing if all of the thinking is done by one person or, at most, a few people.

The Problem Solver can help change that. Almost anyone can make decisions and solve problems, once they know what to do.

In this highly interactive session we’ve kept it simple — learn the process, apply the steps, make the best decision possible... and then take action.

We approach the issue of solving problems from handling issues on your own, as well as collaborating with one or more people.

Does this make sense? If so, let’s schedule The Problem Solver for your team.

Just some of what you’ll learn...

• Sniffing out and defining the real problem
• When to take the lead and when to act in a support or advisory role. 
• 3 kinds of problems (the larger view)
• How to do a fast analysis on the
• Albert Einstein’s approach to problem solving (still makes perfect sense)
• What to do before, during and after a brainstorming session to give your team the best chance to deliver results.
• Creating a powerful mind map
• Different kinds of input and how each influences a decision
• Ways to properly evaluate possible solutions
• 4 simple steps to implement your solution
• Key factors for good decision making
• The 3 basic kinds of decisions we make
• The only way to approach your boss when you have a problem and want help
• Recovery strategy...the critical 6-step plan for when your decision doesn’t work out.

Who Should Attend

Any team members who have never been exposed to systematic problem-solving strategies, or those who want to brush up on them.

The Problem Solver features challenges for individuals, pairs, and groups.

Pricing and Details

$219.00 per person

We provide your workbook

The Problem Solver features a "working lunch". Three Squares restaurant is directly across the street. We will provide options from their menu and they will deliver the food.

It also Includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.

When and Where

Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

We often face tough and often confusing issues. What are we going to do?
Here are three easy steps to being a highly effective manager:

1. Knowing what to do
2. Knowing when to do it
3. Doing it

See how simple it is?   🙂

The truth is, many workplace challenges come up over and over, and if we don’t learn how to overcome them, will constantly get the better of us.

Situational Supervision focuses on overcoming roadblocks to success.

This course looks at and digs into numerous common occurrences that face managers, breaking them down and offering solutions.

We tie in numerous key learning points; hard-hitting questions that uncover critical information and personal attitudes; as well as many to-do items to aid implementation and propel your supervisors to success!

Situational Supervision is a workshop with the emphasis on “work.”

It is down-to-earth problem solving and solution seeking.

We provide numerous generic issues that almost everyone has to deal with, and also encourage you to come up with specific problems for your business.

Just some of what you'll learn...

•  How to give clear directions that get acted upon
•  How to recover from situations when workers aren’t initially successful in implementing your plan
•  Getting clear agreements between you and your team, and between members of the team
•  Strategies to confirm understanding to avoid a waste of time, energy, and resources.
•  A guaranteed way to make sure that your message is really received in meetings
•  Using straight talk to achieve better results
•  How to get your team to grow and solve their own problems
•  How to get important and accurate feedback
•  The ONLY way to reprimand workers and have them leave the meeting feeling empowered and ready to produce better results

We don’t mind telling you that this highly interactive session is not just full of challenges and learning — it’s also fun!

Who Should Attend

Anybody in a supervisory capacity will benefit from Situational Supervision.

We've had first-time managers and emerging talent that is pegged to enter management, CEOs and business owners, and everybody in-between. This is a unique course where we discuss issues and problems that don't have obvious answers. 

Solutions depend on the situation and circumstances, and that's why we chose the name Situational Supervision.

Pricing and Details

$159.00 per person

We provide the workbook,

Also Includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.

When and Where

Thursday, June 20, 2024
Training Suite
3rd Floor, Baltej Pavilion, Tamuning

Course Description

To keep customers coming back, it’s about one thing and this course has it.
Most organizations struggle with defining and then delivering the kind of customer service that can truly make a difference.

With the increasing demands on our time as well as unexpected changes, we often find ourselves trying to squeeze service into an overloaded schedule.

It helps everyone when we simplify our approach to how we deal with customers, both internal and external. Training with simplicity and clarity is a good way to start.

Winning Customer Service is a compelling way of presenting service related issues to today’s multi-generational workforce.

It doesn’t generate the tuneout that old-style courses will. Our content clicks with people and is easily digested — then implemented.

We capture attention and initial buy-in, and THEN, once focused, we can
deliver the information and tools to improve service — person by person, department by department, issue by issue.

If you think that too many of your customers have come away from service encounters less than completely satisfied, and if you want
to turn victims into victories, then it’s time to schedule your team members to attend Winning Customer Service.

Giving outstanding customer service doesn’t involve magic. Winning Customer Service isn’t magic, either. The principles are irrefutable, the strategies are proven, and the results can be transformative.

Just some of what you'll learn…

• 16 things customers want from us (and you’re almost certainly not doing all of them).
• Where you fit into the service equation and why.
• Delivering great service is really about just one thing.
• Dissecting top notch service, step by step.
• How the customer really sees you (not what you think).
• Internal customers — why they deserve even better treatment than the ones who give us money.
• Things to avoid when engaging with the customer.
• Why anything less than excellent service is so dangerous now.
• How to manage customer expectations.
• The absolute must-do actions — or your customer service will fail.
• Understanding customer service “recovery” and why it’s critical to your reputation and success.

Who Should Attend

Anybody who deals directly with your customers, or who needs to get a solid footing in what it takes to keep people coming back; and to establish a solid reputation for excellent service.

Pricing and Details

$159.00 per person

We provide your workbook

Also Includes coffee, tea, water, and snacks for the morning.


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